Dr. Valerie Martin-Stewart
Speaker, Author, Minister, Engineer

Dr. Stewart is an author and acclaimed speaker who has presented in a wide variety of settings, from the Library of Congress to conferences nationwide. Dr. Stewart brings her unique message of hope, faith, and finding one's inner strength to audiences from all walks of life. Whether you are looking to book a keynote speaker who will motivate the audience of your next event or you find yourself on a journey of self-discovery and growth, Dr. Stewart's message may be exactly what you need.

What Others Are Saying About
Dr. Stewart

  • Testimonial #3
    Andrew Main,

    Thank you Dr. Valerie Stewart for sharing your personal experience which added a special dynamic to the conference... Andrew Main

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  • Testimonial #2
    Michelle Cummings,

    I attended Dr. Valerie's workshop on depression and it helped me open up and release some of the things that I know were in my heart.... Michelle Cummings

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  • Testimonial #1
    Shawn Vance,

    It was a wonderful, eye-opening experience that really was a confirmation from God for me... So I thank you Dr. Val for what you said... Shawn Vance

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Why Book Dr. Stewart for Your Next Event

Her breadth of life experience has imparted a wisdom and strength she readily shares with her audience. Dr. Stewart's message of hope, inner strength, faith, and perseverance resonates with those who hear her speak and has compelled thousands to do more with their lives than they believed that they could. Attendees at your next event will be motivated and inspired by Dr. Stewart's powerful message.

Past Speaking Engagements

  • Keynote Speaker at the Department of Treasury - Washington, DC
  • Keynote Speaker at the Library of Congress - Washington, DC
  • Keynote Speaker at the US Census Bureau - Washington, DC
  • Keynote Speaker at the Women of Color STEM Conference - Dallas, TX
  • Keynote Speaker at the Black Engineer of the Year STEM Conference - Washington, DC
  • Keynote Speaker at the Society of Women Engineers - Baltimore, MD
  • And more

Dr. Stewart's
Main Topics

  • Overcoming one's fears to achieve success
  • How to push past barriers and force successful outcomes to manifest
  • Uncovering potent leadership strategies that every organization should employ
  • How to conquer rejection and rise above personal struggles
  • How to make things happen vs waiting for them to happen
  • Discover how to effectively communicate and help your team thrive
  • And more




  • Women of Color STEM Special Recognition Honoree, 2012
  • Naval Meritorious Civilian Award, 2012
  • Phenomenal Woman Award, 2010
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville Hall of Fame

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