About Dr. Stewart


Dr. Stewart speaking in Quantico, VA.

 Keynote Speaker, Electrical Engineer, Prolific Author, Ordained Minister, Hall of Famer, Former Professional Athlete, Founder and Executive Director of 501 (c)(3) Non-profit Ministry

Dr. Stewart is currently serving as an Electrical Engineer for the Dept. of the Navy with over 25 years with the Department of Defense. She started her career with the Dept. of the Army, Space and Missile Defense Command. She later transferred to the Dept. of the Air Force. She has received numerous awards from the Army, Air Force and Navy for her service and performance as an electrical engineer. In 2012, she received a National Award from the Women of Color Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as a Special Recognition Honoree in Dallas, TX and she received the 2012 Meritorious Civilian Award with the Navy.

She has received degrees in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biblical Studies and Theology. She graduated magna cum laude from both her Masters and Doctoral programs.

Dr. Stewart has served as the Keynote speaker at the Library of Congress twice, the Dept. of Treasury twice, U.S. Census Bureau Headquarters twice, Quantico Marine Base twice, Blacks in Government National Training Conference, National Black M.B.A. Association, National Congress of Black Women, Tennessee Valley Authority, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Women of Color (WOC STEM), Black Engineers of the Years (BEYA STEM), and many other government and non-government agencies. She has published three (3) books and her 2nd book “Rise above Rejection” is now a screenplay looking to become a movie. She is currently working with an Entertainment Lawyer in Hollywood, CA. She played professional basketball in Peru, Australia, toured in Italy and worked for the Australian government as a Computer Scientist. She has been interviewed on the Federal News Radio in Washington, DC and many radio and television stations nationally. She was inducted into her Alma Mater’s Hall of Fame, University of Alabama in Huntsville, for her academics and athletic achievements.

She traveled to Manhattan, NY and spoke to several national media producers in the television, radio and magazine world, to include: Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, ABC news, 48 hours/CBS, NBC, FOX news, Essence, USA Today Magazine, Real Simple, 96.3 FM, 90.3, 91.3, Sirius/XM and hundreds more. Many desire to interview her for their particular TV, radio or magazine. She has already interviewed with some.

Dr. Stewart is a philanthropist at heart as she began returning to her hometown of Oxford, MS in 2004 preaching, teaching and awarding scholarships; she believes everyone has greatness living on the inside of them, but it must be tapped into. She now travels both nationally and internationally hosting conferences, seminars, mission trips and crusades sharing her messages of survival, endurance, and perseverance as she challenges all people to RISE and simply “Do It Afraid!” Do it Afraid has been the most requested speech since she debuted with it in 2007. She has completed the book, which makes it her 4th. She is truly a Change Agent, impacting lives everywhere!

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