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Out of Pain Came Poetry: Tapping into the Greatness Within

A collection of poems and writings that Dr. Stewart wrote over the past 20 years as she started writing when she was only 12 years old. Many poems were written during a time when she was very depressed, experiencing feelings of rejection and low self-esteem. Hundreds have been inspired and moved to tears as they read and connected with each poem, discovering their own pain.

Many have contacted Dr. Stewart to share how they are currently dealing with some of the painful things she wrote or have experienced these same feelings in the past. This book is great for youth, teenagers, young adults, and all ages as it has been called, “Anointed” by many readers. Many are using this book as a daily devotional, because each poem and writing has a Bible verse associated with it. Be blessed by getting your copy today!



Out of Pain Came Poetry:
Tapping into the Greatness Within
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Rise Above Rejection: Exposing the Little Girl in Me

An earth-moving, true story about how Dr. Stewart had a divine revelation of her past pain and suicidal thoughts moments AFTER she was being tempted to end her life by pulling out in front of an 18-wheeler in 2003. Dr. Stewart has struggled most of her life with many emotions in spite of achieving many of her goals. She has painfully recorded her story with hope that all readers and listeners will be healed from their own rejection. However, she beautifully explains that we all must get to the root of our pain in order to experience healing.

Hundreds have contacted Dr. Stewart literally crying trying to express how they saw themselves in this book and to simply tell her thanks for the courage to write her painful and revealing story. This book has been converted into a screenplay with intentions of becoming a movie. Movie producers are currently reviewing the screenplay. Don’t miss out! Get your copy today!


Rise Above Rejection
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Miraculous Moments: Living in the Supernatural

A powerful book that all people, from all walks of life, must read! Dr. Stewart has seen visions and dreams in the night for many years. More than just seeing them, she has witnessed most of them come to pass.

She has traveled back in time with attempts to capture most of her visions to share with the world. These visions are often stern ‘warnings’ of severe things that would take place in the lives of her family, friends, and relatives. This book serves as a brief collection of all the "strange" or supernatural experiences Dr. Stewart has experienced.

One reader's comments: "The cover alone makes you want to climb the stairway to something much greater than all of us; but Dr. Stewart’s words are what give you the inspiration to take the first step. Get your copy today and begin to experience this supernatural walk!"

Miraculous Moments: Living in the Supernatural
Downloadable eBook

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