Life Coaching with Dr. ValDo It Afraid: The Complete CourseMiraculous Moments: Living in the Supernatural eBookRise Above Rejection eBook

Life Coaching with Dr. Val

Have you ever felt like you needed 1-on-1 guidance to help you break through your barriers and achieve your full potential?  Life coaching with Dr. Val is now available!  You will get 1 hour sessions each week for 4 weeks where Dr. Val will work with you directly.
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Do It Afraid: The Complete Course

Become equipped to face your fears, overcome failure, depression, rejection and shame. Turn every setback into a comeback. This is a life-changing course that is perfect for anyone who has let fear hold them back in life!
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Rise Above Rejection eBook

Dr. Stewart had a divine revelation of her past pain and suicidal thoughts moments AFTER she was tempted to end her life by pulling out in front of an 18-wheeler.
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Free Audio - 5 Keys to Maximize Your Potential
Find out what those 5 things are and how you can push past them to reach your goals in life.
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