Overcoming Your Failures

So what? You’ve failed in relationships, on jobs, didn’t get the promotions that you knew you deserved, in school, and many other facets of life. Again, I say, so what? Do you realize that your failures don’t define who you really are from within? Many times failure is only a launching pad to help us move from where we are and it propels us into the place we need to be. Every failure, I believe, comes with built-in consequences that help us find our way and true position in life. I believe you are not a failure if you tried something and you didn’t succeed in it. That’s called “discovery” to me. You’ve discovered what you should and shouldn’t be doing in life. I would define failure as one who desires strongly to try something, but never tries because s/he fears s/he just might fail.

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  1. poochie
    hey Val, I love you girl and im ready to do things that I love. Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you in mine. love ya poochie.
  2. In awe of that ansewr! Really cool!
  3. Oh yeah, fbauluos stuff there you!
  4. Thank you for what you have. This is the best post I've read
  5. i can agree with the article

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