Fly High


Don't Be Afraid to Soar

We’ve been given wings as Eagles so that we may fly at massive heights in life. However, many times we never open our wings, because we fail to recognize that we even have wings. When I purchased my new car, the same day, a sparrow flew in front of it and I hit it. I jumped from my brand new car and looked at my car while my daughter focused on the sparrow. After returning to my car, I received this revelation, “That bird has been given wings to fly and maybe not at the elevation of an eagle, but it could have flown above the height of my car. However, it chose to fly at that low level and that’s why it got hit.” We are often hit with lies, accusations, misunderstandings and the list goes on. But too many times we are hit in life simply, because we are “flying too low.” Today, spread your wings and fly above every negative situation and emotion. Leave the buzzards, the barnyard chickens, the turkeys and all those who choose to fly low behind. Spread your wings and fly high!!! Stop feeling guilty about your desire to fly high. Stop allowing others to place their insecurities and inferiorities upon you simply, because you choose to spread your wings wide and soar to new heights.

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