Have you ever felt like you needed 1-on-1 guidance to help you break through your barriers and achieve your full potential?  Life coaching with Dr. Val is now available!  You will get 1 hour sessions each week for 4 weeks where Dr. Val will work with you directly.

Become equipped to face your fears, overcome failure, depression, rejection and shame. Turn every setback into a comeback. This is a life-changing course that is perfect for anyone who has let fear hold them back in life!


Dr. Stewart has seen visions and dreams in the night for many years. More than just seeing them, she has witnessed most of them come to pass. A must-read!

Dr. Stewart had a divine revelation of her past pain and suicidal thoughts moments AFTER she was tempted to end her life by pulling out in front of an 18-wheeler.

A collection of poems and writings that Dr. Stewart wrote over the past 20 years. Many use this book as a devotional since there’s a scripture with each poem.

Free Audio - 5 Keys to Maximize Your Potential
Find out what those 5 things are and how you can push past them to reach your goals in life.
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