Dr. Stewart presenting "Maximize Your Potential" in Washington, D.C.

Thousands have attended Dr. Stewart's speeches, workshops, and seminars. See what those who have experienced Dr. Stewart's compelling message have to say and find out why she would be the perfect speaker for your next event.

"Of all the sessions I attended at BEST, your presentation is still resonating with me. I feel like it was a divine appointment and I was meant to be in your session. I find myself accepting new opportunities and going outside my comfort zone, because I'm doing it afraid."  - Ledlyne H. Vazquez

"Dr. Stewart delivered the keynote address at the National Black MBA Association Washington, DC Chapter’s 31st Annual Scholarship and Awards Luncheon on Saturday, December 5, 2015. She delivered a powerful message that really hit the ball out of the park. But, what resonated with me most was her admonishment to metaphorically not fly at too low of an altitude, for that is where the mishaps occur – one might crash headlong into a car or a building. On the other hand, she said if one flies at a high enough altitude, one can expect to have a relatively smooth transit with a low chance of a crash. The moral of her message was that one should be all one is ordained to be, and to never cower before a fear of either success or failure. I plan to follow her career as a charismatic motivational speaker going forward." - Charles Reaves

"Thank you, Dr. Stewart again for your obedience to GOD on bringing your "Do It Afraid" Seminar to Oxford, Ms. It was and still is empowering indeed. I was just listening to the audio with my son tonight. Great things are about to take place. I will not be blamed for my loved ones who choose to be left behind. I'm sharing your audio with my children for this reason. We look forward to attending future empowering seminars of yours and to follow up with testimonial praise reports. Again, I am thankful to GOD for empowering you. Your gifts were utilized greatly. You wear them well." - Tricanna McGee

"Wow! Powerful messages! Keep it coming! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Close your eyes and look through your ears. There is a calling for you. Look, listen and follow. Your voice is heavenly music. I Love your voice!" - Brannon Knox

"I was really blessed by your seminar "Effective Communication & Leadership in Dec. 2015. God bless you, you just don't know how you brought confirmation in my life. Don't think of yourself as a woman, think of yourself as something God has placed in this universe to be used. You are not just a person to motivate people, you are a woman of God. And I thank you." - Lorna Berry

"You are a blessing to so many people in so many different ways, continue to witness the goodness of his grace and favor over your life, tell your story and watch God do the rest. Dr. Stewart was here presenting 2015 B.I.G. NTI and all her seminars were standing room only and many were blessed as well as herself!" - Cheryl Peterson

"May God continue to give you opportunities to "Press" and to "Do it Afraid". I am proud to know you and call you my friend." - Pastor Charles Bennafield

"I attended both of your awesome seminars! ("Do it Afraid!" and "It’s Time to Press!") Thanks for sharing! What a blessing!" - Rirette Wilkerson

"You know Dr. Val, I have met people like Hillary Clinton, Dorothy Height, and others and to me, honestly, you rank right up there and above them in some respects. As I reflect, you were the single most powerful and unforgettable speaker I had heard for all of 2012 and so I am happy to do whatever I can to help you deliver your healing message and medicine to the people of the earth." - Peter Brooks

"Val, you are a great inspiration to me I always enjoy your words of encouragement, success and wisdom. Girl you are awesome. Keep up the good work!!" - Theresa Ward Sykes

"When we make ourselves available to God trusting fully in Him, He will use us. You are testimony to that! So proud of your faith in God and trusting in His will for all things! May you always go forth in His anointing! The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Thank you for being a laborer for Christ!" - Beth Sartor James

"It is with esteemed pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet you, hear a powerful and encouraging speech (from the heart) as well as fellowship with you after the event...You were indeed a blessing to all of us." - Dr. Horne

"Your presence was a very important reason for the symposiums success and again we are so thankful." - Tony Dias

"It was such a delight to meet you and become inspired by your presentation in San Diego a couple of weeks ago. It was a blessing to be there!!!!" - Richard Hamada

"Your story is a powerful story and needs to be shared on a greater scale." - Charlie Holley

"It was so nice meeting you this weekend at the Women Who Pray event. Thank you for blessing us with your presence! I want you to know that this was truly a life changing experience for me - your positive words have encouraged me to see and seek God in every action that I take on my road to becoming a billionaire." - Danna K. Johnston

""Do It Afraid" and "Maximize your Potential" Both presentations were excellent and you presented the material in a motivating style that allowed attendees to fully connect with you. Thank you for that." - R. Shawn Henderson

"I wanted to let you know your seminar was OUTSTANDTING!!!  You will never know how much information I received from you.  I believe I've been living my life for other people instead of myself.  I'm a person who always want to help, however, I have a very difficult time saying no and expressing my feelings. After listening to you, I've been re-thinking on how I'm going to live the rest of my life." - Lennetta Elias

"Thank you so much. I tell you, I truly enjoyed your class, it has really motivated me in so many ways. It's exciting when you are motivated to push forward and to know that you "Can." May God continue blessing you, praise him for Motivational speakers as yourself. Thank you again for an eye opener seminar/conference." - Yvonne Jennings

"I was touched by both of your presentations at the NTI - what a shining star that you bring to people lives. I enjoyed the training and your positive message. I would greatly appreciate both of your briefings. If ever in need of a speaker, I am going to spread the word of your attributes." - Charles Novell



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